17 May

A Whole New Concept In Mobile Games – Simcity Buildit

simcity buildit review

I have played many heart taking mobile games which are really joyful but none of them have given such experience of thrill and adventure like SimCity Buildit. It is a mind blowing concept of making the entire new city for you. You must be acting as City Mayor who looks after this city. In addition to this city mayor will be responsible for the increment in the overall population of city. This is only possible when he able to install basic facilities for the inhabitants of city people. All these acts require good management skill and excellent trading skills. Yes, to build up such creations city mayor might need a huge amount of currency, which is usually known as Sim cash or sims. Collection of such sims is very important to install new buildings.

Another most prominent task of the City Mayor is to explore all the available option to increase the level of income for him. He can do this by making trading deals with the other city mayors. He must have to complete the shipments orders which he might be getting after the opening of Global Trade HQ. You must meet the requirement of minimum number of population of make them activate. No need to worry about anything if you are not so much good at making profitable transactions. SimCity Buildit mobile game also provides you many hidden ways of making limitless money for you. To know how to hack simcity buildit you must also explore simcity buildit hack tool for the sudden gain of untold number of Simoleons

Mysterious personality of Dr. Vu but makes him your friend in Simcity Buildit

In the right direction of the Global Trade HQ there must be a different building. It might look weird to you at the first glance but you need to be optimistic about this also. The reason behind this is that you might get so many rewards with the help of this.  Firstly you need to construct a whole new building namely Vu Tower. For this you must take the proper guidelines from Dr Vu.  Whenever you are ready to explore the beautiful and glorious Vu Tower just make a tap on the cover of it. You must be able to see the Vu Tower after tapping on it.

Contraction of demolishing the buildings in spite of construction of new

There is a paradox involve in it. You might be getting a menu after tapping the Vu Tower. This menu will make different options available to you which include inviting hellish disasters in your city to demolish beautiful buildings. This might sound looks odd as the name of game SimCity Buildit, which mainly give a sense of construction of new buildings.  But this is equally important for you to do this because you will be getting rewards for this.

You can launch disaster to earn good amount of Simoleons or Golden Keys. Later on this can be utilized on development whole new buildings.  You can also unlock different level of Disasters type by spending some simoleons on them.

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